6 Benefits of Mobile Truck Repair

6 Benefits of Mobile Truck Repair

Repair and Maintenance | 05/21/2022
Written by Stacy Conner

Surprise breakdowns and unexpected maintenance needs can be stressful, especially if your vehicle happens to be part of a delivery fleet on a tight schedule. The inconvenience of an urgent repair can cost you not only time but also a large chunk of money. Luckily, mobile truck repair services exist to help in exactly these circumstances. It provides fast, reliable and professional services when they are most urgently needed. Keep reading to discover the 6 benefits of mobile truck repair. 

  1. Convenient and professional service wherever, whenever
  2. Focused communication with you at the center
  3. Affordable pricing and reduced overhead
  4. Rapid response in and out of traditional working hours
  5. Onsite inspections for fleets of all sizes
  6. Fleet management made easy


There’s an old saying that “time is money”, and when your business relies on trucks to deliver goods between destinations, a surprise breakdown can be incredibly costly. Convenience is one of the greatest benefits that mobile truck repair offers. Forget having to tow your faulty vehicle to the next available repair shop, unsure of whether they are even open and able to help you. Mobile repair ensures a speedy repair process right then and there, getting you back on the road in no time. 

Focused communication

With mobile repair you are the only customer for that tech at that time, you are not waiting in line. This allows us to provide one on one help with any requirement from a simple oil change to something more complex. It also allows you to change priorities as needed. Having a technician onsite ensures effective communication and personalized assistance, supported by additional resources back at the shop if needed.

Affordable pricing

Avoiding the extra costs of tow trucks, equipment transport, and additional labor fees result in significant savings throughout the repair process. Thanks to our fully equipped mobile service trucks that boast hose making equipment welders, compressors, and a great assortment of fittings, we can help you with maintenance and repair issues on the spot, to get you moving. Reducing overhead is always advantageous, and our services are here to help you with just that. 

Rapid response

In on-site mobile repair services, you are the only customer! As a result that means no queuing in line for your turn, no scheduling appointments for days ahead, and no delays in getting your vehicle serviced. Our mobile repair trucks ensure a fast response time, in addition to skipping the hassle of a tow-in process. Immediate, expert service from diesel mechanics will have you back on the road in no time. 

Onsight Inspections

In case a safety or DOT inspection is required for your vehicle, mobile technicians are trained to carry them out for you, on-site. Whether it be a single vehicle or an entire fleet requiring inspection, let the service come to you and eliminate the hassle of coordinating the costly transportation of your vehicles to a service shop. 

Fleet Management Made Easy

Our management system ensures seamless customer service and repair coordination, ensuring speedy services in any situation. We also coordinate with other fleet management systems like Auto-integrate, Donlen, ARI, Ideal Lease, and more. Additionally, our state of the art software gives you a complete overview of recurring maintenance needs. It will let you know if you need safety inspections and DOT’s through automated updates and a streamlined user interface. Many also boast customer service portals offering complete invoice transparency at your fingertips. Don’t bother with offline spreadsheets and complicated upkeep schedules. Our systems give you a complete overview of the status of your equipment, making fleet management a breeze.

If you require heavy equipment, truck or forklift assistance in the South Puget sound or Tacoma area, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Equipment Experts, Inc. We are an independently owned, family operated repair and maintenance facility for forklifts, diesel trucks, and heavy equipment, with a wide bench of mechanics to support each service.

For in-depth knowledge, you can read our industry leading E-Book, a step-by-step guide on
Managing Your Fleet.

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For in-depth knowledge, you can read our industry leading E-Book, a step-by-step guide on Managing Your Fleet.
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