Diesel Truck Services

In Tacoma, Washington

Whether its maintenance or an emergency repair, our state of the art diagnostics and experienced staff are ready to take care of your diesel trucks. Call the experts at Equipment Experts to reduce vehicle downtimes and get back on the road safely so that you can focus on your business and life.

Type Of Diesel Trucks We Service
Box Truck Trailer Truck Trash Truck Logging Trailer Tanker Truck Tipper Truck Sprinter School Bus
Box Truck
Box Truck
Trailer Truck
Trailer Truck
Trash Truck
Trash Truck
Logging Trailer
Logging Trailer
Tanker Truck
Tanker Truck
Tipper Truck
Tipper Truck
School Bus
School Bus
Diesel Truck Services
Engine Overhaul & replacement
Transmission overhauls and clutches
Wheelbase and frame modifications
Collision repairs
Heating & air conditioning
Chassis repair
Brake service and repair
Welding and metal fabrication
Trailer service
Hydraulic system repair
Differential R&R
Coolant Antifreeze
Exhaust Service/Muffler Repair
Lift Gate Service
Computer diagnostics
Towing and road service
Preventive Maintenance Programs
Fleet Management
Oil changes
DOT inspections
Diesel Truck Repair Near Me - Tacoma

We repair all kinds of diesel trucks for customers across Tacoma, Washington. Our family-owned business has grown into a truck shop serving customers from all around the region. With almost 20 years of experience under our belts, we can proudly say that we are good at what we do. For repair jobs, servicing, and mechanical faults needing professional assistance, we are your go-to truck shop.

Our team services all kinds of diesel trucks including school buses, box trucks, logging trucks, trash trucks, tanker trucks, and more. We use modern equipment and advanced diagnostics to identify the root causes of any mechanical issue. This way, we get your truck on the road and serve you for many long miles.

For repair work on spriters, tipper trucks, trailer trucks, and more, our team has got you covered. If you’re in the Tacoma area, our team is here and ready to help. Be it a smaller outer repair job on a truck or engine overhauls on multiple vehicles, you can count on us. We do emergency repairs to help keep your business running. We also handle maintenance across many types of diesel trucks. If you need to get your diesel truck serviced or repaired, reach out to us. We are here for you and your vehicles.

What Our Clients Say

“I know that if I call Equipment Experts, they will get whatever I need done. It’s easy to work with them and all the techs do great work!”

Don & John – Fleet Managers

“My team is under a time crunch every day and we trust Equipment Experts to get our trucks back on the road, fast, operational and safe.”

Scott Beal – Operations Manager

“If there is an emergency, I call Equipment Experts because I trust them. I just know that I can pick up the phone, ask for service and move on, knowing that it will be handled and that I can concentrate on what I do.”

Donnie – Operations Manager

“This team goes above and beyond to help. I appreciate the transparent pricing and clear expectations set. I have trusted Equipment Experts for nearly two years now and will continue being loyal to them. I highly recommend!!! Keep up the great work!”


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