Truck services with 30 day net accounts

Truck services with 30 day net accounts

Fleet Care | 02/23/2022
Written by Stacy Conner

Truck services with 30 day net accounts is a great opportunity for business that uses trucks, as you will experience several points of interaction with your truck and heavy equipment service providers that include the following:

A successful company will not neglect any area because it diminishes the overall customer experience.

Each client has their own unique needs when it comes to invoicing and payment. Therefore, service shops should provide alternative methods as a means to convenience their customers. At the cornerstone of all successful invoicing is the option for customers to get their trucks serviced with 30-day net accounts. Which means they can pay for services interest-free and within 30 days.

Some of the types of 30-day net account payments include the following:

Credit card payments are specific to the organization. This may involve a 30-day net interest-free payment but also depends on your credit limit and other factors setup with your credit provider.

When it comes to fleet programs, fleet providers are the middle-man between the client and the service shop. This means that clients get competitive pricing from several service shops that the fleet programs have developed long-standing relationships with. It also means that the customer can utilize the fleet programs robust invoicing systems.

Lapses in communication are one of the cons of dealing with a fleet program since they are acting as the middle-man between the customer and service shop. Fleet programs often want the lowest prices regardless of the timeframe of completion. Whereas creating a direct relationship with the service provider can develop into a relationship with a partner who understands your true needs. 

On the other hand, some service shops have developed their own online portals that also reap benefits. A well-built service company portal can depict all of the invoices for a client in one place as well as other features. Below are some of the benefits that 30-day net accounts combined with sophisticated invoicing software can offer from the standpoint of a fleet management system and a customer portal.

Financial and time savings

If a client does not have the cash on hand to service their fleet, they can receive interest-free financing for 30-days instead of having to finance the service through another means which may accrue interest. All of the efficiencies in workflow also equate to time savings that flow down to your bottom line. These can add up to substantial savings at the end of the year.

Convenience & Customization of 30 day net accounts truck services

The core of offering 30-day net accounts with robust invoicing software. The account payables department of businesses can pay bills through an established, corporately approved, fleet management system (FleetNet, ARI, EFT Trucks, Donlen, or Auto Integrate) or use an online portal that their service shop manages. Leveraging either of these systems is beneficial to the customer because they are customizable and transparent.

Clients can monitor the parts that are being purchased for their job as well as the progress of the job. Also, a system can be put into place that sends estimates, invoices, and statements to the correct people in your organization. Other customizations such as when you receive purchase orders can be hand-tailored to your needs. This can give you peace of mind that the process will flow in a way that is seamless and makes sense to your business.


Whether you are leveraging a fleet management system or a service provider online portal, or both,  using a customized invoicing system is critical to the successful, efficient operation of your business. It leads to reducing the amount of time spent on processing paperwork, removes questions and duplicate entry, allowing you to focus on what’s truly important.

If you require heavy equipment, truck or forklift assistance in the South Puget sound or Tacoma area, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Equipment Experts, Inc. We are an independently owned, family operated repair and maintenance facility for forklifts, diesel trucks, and heavy equipment. We leverage long-term relationships with fleet programs as well as working directly with clients through our own online customer portal.

For in-depth knowledge, you can read our industry leading E-Book, a step-by-step guide on
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For in-depth knowledge, you can read our industry leading E-Book, a step-by-step guide on Managing Your Fleet.
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