The Countless Benefits of Mobile Repair

The Countless Benefits of Mobile Repair

Repair and Maintenance | 03/13/2023
Written by Stacy Conner

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Your vehicles are the lifeline of your business. Unexpected breakdowns can be an unwelcome surprise that puts a damper on productivity and eats away at revenue. That’s where mobile repair comes in. Stay focused on what matters most: growing your business – with expert service from trained technicians, anytime, anywhere. Don’t let vehicle downtime slow down progress, with mobile repair, you’ll get expert service when and where you need it.

Let us take care of your fleet anytime, anywhere, so that you can work on building your business.

What is Mobile Repair About?


Since time is money and getting your vehicle up and running is a priority, the last thing you want to deal with is unreliable service. When dealing with a breakdown or staying on top of preventative maintenance/DOTs, you need a mobile repair service that makes your life easier. A misstep in timing can cause a ripple effect throughout your day that reduces output and company performance.

Our experienced service team is committed to providing exceptional and professional onsite care for any of your needs. We guarantee our dedication to safety, dependability, and responsibility with each visit. 

No Waiting in Line

Bringing your truck to a facility for repair or maintenance often causes delays. Your vehicle may not be adequately serviced in a timely manner in many service shops due to operational efficiency or lack of space. Skip the hassle, and get serviced immediately on-site with mobile repair, where you are the only customer.

Focused Communication

Mobile repair brings the power of a service shop right to your site. This means an experienced service technician that is focused on resolving the issues of your vehicle. It is easier to communicate effectively with an onsite technician. Especially since they’ll still have the support and resources of the shop staff. The personalized support that mobile repair provides will help make taking care of vehicle issues seamless and stress-free!

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Reduced Overhead

With mobile repair, a fully equipped service truck meets you on-site to handle most of your repairs and maintenance needs. Take advantage of the all-in-one service of a fully equipped mobile repair unit that will help you avoid unnecessary costs. In other cases, you may need to pay for towing or having an employee transport equipment from the job site to a repair shop. Our mobile service trucks are well-equipped with a variety of high-quality tools and fittings, including welders, compressors, and hose-making equipment. You don’t have to worry about extraneous labor costs or hauling your equipment elsewhere when you hire us!

Multiple Vehicles In One Visit

You can rest assured that a mobile unit full of technicians can take care of multiple vehicles at once if you have a few vehicles that need service on site. A mobile unit team can also address various vehicle types, at times, including but not limited to diesel trucks, forklifts, heavy equipment, JLG, reach trucks, compressors, excavators, and dozers. By optimizing efficiency, you can ensure that your fleet runs smoothly and hassle-free.

Onsite Inspections (DOT’s/Safety/Weekly/Monthly)

Our mobile technicians are trained to perform on-site DOT or safety inspections for your entire fleet with efficient precision, on-site. This includes safety inspections for your entire fleet. Schedule your inspections over the year with intervals, or conveniently get them all done at once. Let the service come to you rather than having to coordinate the costly and inconvenient transportation of each piece of equipment to a service shop.

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Fleet Management Systems

You can experience more seamless customer service with our own system, or we coordinate with other fleet management systems such as Donlen, Enterprise, ARI, Ideal Lease, and Auto-integrate. These industry-leading software allow you to stay on top of recurring maintenance, safety inspections, and DOTs with automated updates. That way you don’t need to bother yourself with offline spreadsheets, duplicate entries, and worry about potentially missed vehicle upkeep. On top of that, many of these programs have a customer portal that offers invoicing transparency at your fingertips. At just a simple glance, our system puts the power of equipment tracking in your hands. Understand the status of each vehicle without hassle – stay informed and ahead of the game with ease.


You can save time and money by keeping your vehicles in tip-top shape with mobile repair. With its fast response times, mobile repair gives you one less thing to worry about so that you can pay attention to what really matters – running a successful business and spending more quality time with family & friends.

If you require mobile repair assistance in the South Puget sound or Tacoma area, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Equipment Experts, Inc. We are an independently owned, family-operated repair and maintenance facility for forklifts, diesel trucks, and heavy equipment, that specializes in mobile and in-shop repair.

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