Preventive Maintenance
Preventive Maintenance
In Lakewood, Washington

Time is money, and we know that any amount of time your equipment is out of commission is far too long. We offer state of the art software that allows us to track your pm service program. From one piece of equipment to full fleets, we have the capability to schedule customizable timeframes with complete inspection, stem to stern.

PM Service Supported Equipment Near Me
  • Commercial Trucks & Trailers
  • Forklifts
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Light Duty Equipment
  • Aerial Equipment
What Sets Us Apart:
  • Rapid Response.
  • On-site Inspections (DOT’s, etc.)
  • Multiple Vehicles in one visit
  • Qualified and experienced mechanics,
Types of Equipment Serviced:
  • Diesel Trucks.
  • Dozers.
  • Concrete Equipment.
  • Skidsteers.
  • Forkifts.
  • Reach Trucks.
  • Squirt Booms.
  • Backhoes.
Our Range

Our coverage starts at the shop +50 miles.
But if you need us to travel, we will. We’ve gone as far as Alaska, Eastern Washington, and Neah Bay when our customers needed us.

What Our Clients Say

“I know that if I call Equipment Experts, they will get whatever I need done. It’s easy to work with them and all the techs do great work!”

Don & John – Fleet Managers

“My team is under a time crunch every day and we trust Equipment Experts to get our trucks back on the road, fast, operational and safe.”

Scott Beal – Operations Manager

“If there is an emergency, I call Equipment Experts because I trust them. I just know that I can pick up the phone, ask for service and move on, knowing that it will be handled and that I can concentrate on what I do.”

Donnie – Operations Manager

“This team goes above and beyond to help. I appreciate the transparent pricing and clear expectations set. I have trusted Equipment Experts for nearly two years now and will continue being loyal to them. I highly recommend!!! Keep up the great work!”


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