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Your All-in-One Forklift Fleet Guide

Warning: Reading this manual may help save countless hours and wasted energy on forklift maintenance.

Our 3-page forklift repair, maintenance, and management guide has helped hundreds of drivers and fleet managers nationwide grow and maintain their fleets with confidence. Whether it’s repairs or inspections, now you can also have access to a one-of-a-kind, easy-to-follow forklift guide.

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Ricardo B.,

Equipment Experts, Inc. customer

Ricardo B.,

Equipment Experts, Inc. customer

If there’s just one bit of advice I want to share with other customers it’s to be ready to be completely blown away by the expertise, thought, and care that Stacy, Greg, and the entire team at Equipment Experts invests in each of its customers. Not all repair shops are as knowledgeable, effective, and organized as the Experts. Be ready to be impressed.

In this free 3-page guide, we’ll show you


Where to Start

Discover the best way to manage your forklift operation and keep track of needed repairs and inspections. Avoid missed maintenance milestones — especially when it comes to keeping your fleet organized.


Discover What Experts Do

Learn the two best-kept fleet repair and management secrets that expert repair shops use. Try skipping one of these steps and your forklift operation is destined for failure. Learn how the experts stay on top!


Better & Stronger Fleet Operations

Want to reduce unnecessary downtime? Hoping to extend the lifetime value of your equipment? Our Checklist, Organization Tool, and eBook can help. We’ll teach you how to verify and organize your fleet, so you’ll never have surprise unplanned downtime again.

Hi, we’re Stacy and Greg Conner, co-founders and owners of Equipment Experts, Inc. We understand why you’d like to learn more about forklift repair, maintenance, and safety.

Greg and I — along with our entire team — love helping local businesses and forklift fleet managers
better equip themselves with resources for all their forklift fleet’s needs.

You’re likely requesting a copy of “Your All-in-One Forklift Fleet Guide” because you’re looking for and hoping to learn about better solutions for your forklift equipment — whether it’s repairs, safety, or forklift management.

This forklift fleet guide can help you fulfill your goal — the larger goal — of creating a stronger, more profitable forklift fleet operation.

Without the guide, you may continue to struggle with constant breakdowns, expenses, and safety issues.

With it, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge, resources, and tools needed to maximize the longevity of your forklift fleet. With time and attention to detail, you can build your expertise in taking care of your fleet.

Now, go ahead, deploy it, and let us know how it goes.

— Stacy and Greg Conner

Others have kind words to say about us:

What others in the diesel repair and fleet management industry have said about Equipment Experts, Inc.

Douglas J. (Tacoma, WA)

Satisfied customer

“We use Equipment Experts quite often. Usually, we schedule out a day or two at a time, but there have been several times when we had emergency needs that they were able to get right on and really save the day. I recommend giving them a shot. Cliff and Jim know their stuff.”

Jerry H. (Okanogan, WA)

Ranch hand and loyal customer

“Professional, competent technicians who went the extra mile to find the cause of the problem versus just repairing the symptoms of an ongoing problem. Quality workers, reasonable pricing, and efficient response. We're very happy with Equipment Experts, and I especially appreciated their outstanding customer service.”

Kaylan C. (Kent, WA)

Business partner and happy customer

“We love working with Equipment Experts! Everyone there is friendly and responsive to all of our needs. They are always upfront with what is needed to keep our fleet moving. Whether it's a scheduled service appointment or responding to an emergency in the field, they are always there to support us. Thanks from all of us.”

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