Equipment Experts Customer Conveniences

Equipment Experts Customer Conveniences

Transportation Conveniences | 05/11/2022
Written by Stacy Conner

When you work with Equipment Experts you can take advantage of customer convenience services that we offer to save time and make your life easier!

Early morning vehicle drop-off

One of the customer conveniences that Equipment Experts provide is that it is not necessary to coordinate the drop off of your vehicle during normal business hours. Simply fill out a form and drop your vehicle off during off-hours and our team will get to work. Experience convenience that allows you to focus on your mission while we take care of the maintenance of your trucks, heavy equipment, and forklifts.

The Convenience of 24/7 Key Pick Up Box

Avoid breaking up the momentum of your day and pick up your vehicle at your own convenience – even if that is beyond normal work hours. With our after-hours pickup service, you simply input a code and are able to securely pick up your keys after normal hours.

Catch a Ride with Equipment Experts

If you are within a reasonable location, we can come to pick you up. Then if you leave your vehicle at our shop, we can drop you off at the location that you desire. Great if you drop off your vehicle and need a ride back to work!

Equipment Transport with low-boy

Free pickup and drop off at select locations. If you require equipment transport towing, our low-boy has a capacity of 53,000 lbs. Another way that we are saving you time and making your life easier.

If you require heavy equipment, truck or forklift assistance in the South Puget sound or Tacoma area, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Equipment Experts, Inc. We are an independently owned, family operated repair and maintenance facility for forklifts, diesel trucks, and heavy equipment. By offering additional convenience resources, we are able to better satisfy our customers by saving them time, money and making their lives easier.

For in-depth knowledge, you can read our industry leading E-Book, a step-by-step guide on
Managing Your Fleet.

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For in-depth knowledge, you can read our industry leading E-Book, a step-by-step guide on Managing Your Fleet.
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Equipment Experts Customer Conveniences