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Over the years, we’ve had the pleasure of helping service, install, and fix heating and cooling systems for thousands of clients. Our team of dedicated and expert technicians has decades of experience working with all different makes and models of trucks, buses, forklifts, and much more.


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Yes! We carry both

We carry both standard R-134A (Freon) and eco-friendly R-1234 YF A/C Refrigerants

R-134A Coolant

  • Used on A/C systems in most trucks and fleet equipment 2018 or older
  • Phasing out soon
  • Rechargeable

R-1234 YF Coolant

  • Beginning to be used in newer trucks, equipment, and fleets
  • More eco-friendly: rechargeable and recyclable
  • Keeps your vehicle cooler

We can take care of the air conditioning in your whole fleet.

Family-owned and operated, Equipment Experts, Inc. is a one-stop shop providing fleet equipment, diesel, and truck repair services.

We understand that keeping your truck and fleet equipment in tip-top shape is crucial for your business — and your clients. Discover why Washington residents come back year after year for all their truck, heavy equipment, liftgate, forklift, fleet, service, and repair-related needs.

Tacoma, WA

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We love working with Equipment Experts! Everyone there is friendly and responsive to all of our needs. They are always upfront with what’s needed to keep our fleet moving. Whether it's a scheduled service appointment or responding to an emergency in the field, they’re always there to support us. From all of us at Pete's Milk Delivery, thank you so so much.

— Kaylan C..

We use Equipment Experts quite often. Usually, we schedule out a day or two at a time, but there have been several instances when we had emergency needs that required service right away. Fortunately, they were able to get right on it. They really saved the day. I recommend giving them a shot. Cliff, Jim, and Melanie know their stuff.

— Douglas J.

I’ve never spoken with anyone with more tremendous customer service than I did with General Manager, Arielle. She was understanding, soft-spoken, honest, and sensitive to my needs. Arielle and the technicians explained — in depth and with sensitivity — the issue with my vehicle. I will recommend this place anytime. Thank you, Arielle and techs, for making me feel truly comfortable and at ease.

— Eli J.