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“But, there’s gotta be a catch.” That’s the beauty of it. There is none! We believe that when you’re learning and growing, we all benefit. All we ask for is that you invest in a one-time phone call. We hope that you gain so much value from our 15-minute phone consultation that when you decide you’re ready to level up your fleet — 5 days, 5 months, or even 5 years from now — you’ll think about partnering with us to help you get there. Sound reasonable?”

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Your Fleet And Forklift OPERATION!

If you’re a veteran fleet vehicle or forklift manager, we’ll help you create an efficient, organized, and well-maintained maintenance program for your business operation. If you’re a new forklift or fleet owner, we’ll help give you the tools to create an effective maintenance program that will make you — and your team — say that you really are an expert. The customers will never know. You’ll always be ready. It’s your team that will notice the difference.

In the last 20 years of business, we’ve helped hundreds of fleets achieve their goals by:

  • Helping customers manage their forklift fleet (e.g. organizing repairs, work orders, and much more)
  • Giving fleet managers tools to verify and keep fleets in tip-top shape
  • Increasing profits and the value of their fleet, while guiding their team on forklift upkeep.
Adam U.
Fleet operator and business owner

I run a large recycle yard in the Seattle area. When it comes to our materials and large equipment, EEI has a wealth of information. Their service, attitude, and work ethic are absolutely top-notch. The owners, Greg and Stacy Conner, have made a point to come to our facility, always making me feel like our company is number one on their "to-do list." They always make sure that all our needs are not only met but exceeded. I would highly recommend this company.

What Many of Our Clients Have Had to Say

“Professional competent technicians who went the extra mile to find the cause of hydraulic malfunctions versus just repairing the symptoms of an ongoing problem. Quality workers, reasonable pricing, and efficient response. Very happy with Equipment Experts, and I especially appreciated their outstanding customer service.”

— Jerry

“We've been frustrated for years by the poor service from, what we thought, was the only CAT service provider in western Washington. I was fortunate enough to find Equipment Experts. Arielle and Stacy have been wonderful to work with - they've made everything easy and understandable even with my limited understanding. Their recommendations for future work have been informative and reasonable. Definitely will recommend. They are the experts!”

— April

“Amazing work from these guys; honest good quality work with amazing customer service. They communicated through the whole process and told me exactly what was wrong and what needed to be done to fix what was broken and also what should be fixed as preventive maintenance. I would recommend them any day.”

— Harrison

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